Where We Came From

Our company was founded in 1991 based on the concept of "High Performance Audio and Video Cable Designs Based in Science." Back then, this was considered extremely radical. Then, as today, many audio and video cable companies, using exotic materials (and sometimes just plain whacky) design configurations, describe their product's performance with marketing hype masquerading as scientific fact. If you know the principles of conductance, capacitance etcetera, sometimes this can make for very amusing reading! This atmosphere of misinformation convinced our founder, Joe Perfito that it was time to start a cable company whose products would be designed based on good scientific principles, good service and good sense.

After fifteen years of working as Vice President of Sales for the legendary McIntosh Laboratory Inc., one of the AV industries most respected manufacturers of high quality audio components, Joe developed a passion for the design and manufacture of high-quality electronic products, and for the partnership between the manufacturer and the very best installers and retailers. Along with his knowledge of quality, sales and marketing, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Joe started Tributaries® Cables. The company's philosophical inspiration was Gordon Gow, President of McIntosh from 1949 to 1989, who was renowned for his commitment to excellence. In fact, the Tributaries® name was chosen as a "Tribute" to Gordon Gow himself.

As well as being one of the most popular figures in the AV business (although he hates to be told that), Joe probably knows more than anyone else about cables. That's why we feel justified to use the slogan "Joe knows Cable". Because he really does. And here he is. He's not pretty, but he is pretty clever.

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