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  • 140TMSC-111

    AURORA  is an active fiber optic HDMI cable     

    Hybrid fiber optic cable certified 18Gbps    

    Available 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m & 30m

  • 140TMSC-111

    Professional Long Haul UHD HDMI cable

    Robust build quality designed with lots of headroom to withstand expected attenuation losses in long runs

    Available ½ meter to 15 meter

  • 140TMSC-111

    Super Slim UHD HDMI cable designed to be installer friendly.

    One of the smallest connectors and thinnest cables in the industry

    Available ½ meter to 4 meter

  • 140TMSC-111

    Best Basic High Speed UHD HDMI Cable in the market

    Available ½ meter – 4 meter